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Medication done right.

About BIC Medical

BIC Medical delivers solutions to ensure medication is done right. We do so by combining Hardware, Software and Consultancy. Our solutions are aimed at every step in the delivery of a pill until the user takes it.

As software is an important aspect we have a clear view on it. We see software as a digital environment in which medical data can be personalized for the user to improve their health in a targeted manner.

We do this by ensuring the Right people, get the Right medication, at the Right time, while reusing collected data.

Our Products



Combination of hardware for pouch and blistercards. Where every step in the process can made as easy as pushing a button.


Your full process managed by our own Med2Morrow software platform.

  • M2M Planner
  • M2M Production
  • NovoVit Customer Engagement
  • M2M Cassette Platform
Med2Morrow Production Software


A set of experts at your disposal to help run your production Lean and Fun. So no worries about staff running away!

Demo on location

At BIC Medical we believe “Seeing is Believing”. Therefore we have developed a 100% mobile pouch and blistercard production environment on wheels. The BIC Medical demo truck can visit your pharmacy for a demo of the complete process including software and hardware. 

Please contact us if you are interested in an demonstration at your pharmacy.


Bert Draaijer and Rutger Visscher form the basis of BIC Medical. Both have many years experience in medication logistics and adherence as well as in building businesses.

The main goal with BIC Medical is to make a loop where we can reuse data on medication adherence and its effect on the medication to be dispensed.


Box picking robot

2004 - First Robot

First Robot installed by a Fokker Spinoff in a Dutch Pharmacy.


2008 - Pharmacy solutions

Developement and sales of Pharmacy solutions like Central Filling, Pouch filling, and Parcel points.


2012 - 120k patients Sweden

Go-Live of the biggest projects for pouch packaging in the world at the time Svensk Dos and Apotekstjanst.

2014 - Sale of KLS

KLS Netherlands, in which all previous development were bundled,  was sold to TKH Group.

2020 - Yuyama & ZiuZ

New Business with a product portfolio for pouch packaging.

Software Launch

2022 - Launch

Onboarding first customers to the new hard- and software. In DACH and France.

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